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90% Of Hypothyroid Sufferers Have This Condition And Many Don’t Even Know It!


Do you experience:

Fatigue, Exhaustion
Feeling Run Down and Sluggish
Difficulty Concentrating, Brain Fog
Unexplained or Excessive Weight Gain
Dry, Coarse and/or Itchy Skin
Dry, Coarse and/or Thinning Hair
Feeling Cold, Especially In The Extremities
Muscle Cramps
Increased Menstrual Flow
More Frequent Periods Infertility/Miscarriage
Do you sometimes feel depressed and fatigued and other times you have anxiety and insomnia?

How about these questions…

Are you tired of running to your doctor complaining of your symptoms and yet there's nothing else he or she can do?
Are your blood tests normal and you still don't feel right?
Are you still having thyroid symptoms even on medications?
Have you been experimenting with your medicine dosages with extreme results?

Is your doctor blaming you? Do you hear things like:

You need to lose weight
You need to reduce your stress
There is nothing wrong with you
Or my favorite - It's all in your head!

Some 20 million Americans are affected by thyroid disorders…..that’s 1 in 13 people! And more than half of those people are unaware they have a thyroid problem because it frequently goes undiagnosed…until it gets severe.

According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, 1 in 8 women will experience a thyroid disorder during their lifetime. The reason why this fact may surprise you is because you’ve probably never heard it explained to you this way…that’s because most doctors are only vaguely familiar with thyroid disorders. And yes - men get thyroid problems, too.

One study showed that 7-8% of the US population has antibodies to their thyroid. These proteins are produced by the immune system when they detect harmful substances called antigens. So when these antigens such as certain foods, drinks or environmental substances are introduced into the body, the immune system thinks that they are invaders. It then attacks not only those substances but the thyroid itself. This continual destruction year after year causes the thyroid to be less functional until finally they are diagnosed with hypothyroidism.


Whether you are on thyroid medications or have not been diagnosed with hypothyroidism yet, you have a 90% chance the primary cause is NOT YOUR THYROID but your IMMUNE SYSTEM. The condition is called Hashimoto's Disease.

Dr Agrios diagnosed me with Hashimoto's Disease. With his program I have lost two dress sizes, have no more migraines, have skyrocketed my energy and now understand why I had my three miscarriages.
Jackie Leiva - Business Owner

Many things can stimulate your immune system. Actually the fillers and dyes in your medications and vitamins can be destroying your thyroid even further.

This continual destruction year after year causes the thyroid to be less functional until eventually leading to the diagnosis of hypothyroidism as well as affecting and degenerating the brain, gut, and other organ systems.

Even though your thyroid blood tests came back normal does not mean you don't have it. It depends on what levels your doctor deems as normal. I don't use the lab's wide ranges. I tighten up the range which is called the optimal or healthy range.

If you are continually experiencing these symptoms no matter what medications or vitamins you are on, this may be the reason. You may even have another autoimmune condition causing your problems.
Here is a list of questions to ask yourself to see what type of thyroid condition you may have….

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Are you fatigue, tired, or sluggish?
Do you have cold feet and/or hands?
Do you require excessive amounts of sleep to function?
Do you gain weight easily?
Do you have difficult or infrequent bowel movements?
Are you depressed? Do you suffer from depression?
Do you have a lack of motivation?
Do you suffer from morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses?
Do you suffer from thinning hair or excessive hair falling out?
Do you suffer from dryness of the skin and/or scalp?
Do you suffer from mental sluggishness?

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

Do you suffer from heart palpitations?
Do you suffer from inward trembling?
Do you have an increased pulse even at rest?
Are you nervous and emotional?
Do you suffer from insomnia?
Do you suffer from night sweats?
Do you have difficulty gaining weight?


A yes answer to any of these questions, I strongly suggest that you come in for an extensive history, examination and blood testing to determine the cause. A symptom is your body telling you that it needs help. It cannot do this on its own.


The thyroid “runs” our metabolism—it is the “gas pedal” of the body.

Every cell in the body has receptor sites for thyroid hormones. Lack of these hormones causes a global decline in cellular function of all bodily systems. Therefore you can have symptoms in other parts of your body that are mainly related to the dysfunction of your thyroid gland. You can treat those areas all you want with little to no improvement until you find the real cause.

The thyroid belongs to an axis called the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid axis. I review this much more thoroughly in my FREE video, “Why You May Have Your Health Problems And What You Can Do About Them.” CLICK HERE to view.

Briefly the hypothalamus, which is the brain's main regulator, signals to the pituitary gland, the master gland to turn on the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. However, there are ten main reasons for the thyroid not to produce its active hormone T3. Just taking medications alone will only take care of one cause. The other nine need to be addressed in a whole new manner.

There are some clinicians that are treating thyroid conditions with tyrosine and iodine. I do not recommend iodine or tyrosine in the treatment of certain thyroid conditions. According to renowned thyroid expert, Dr. Datis Kharriazian, author of the book, "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?" using iodine and tyrosine to treat these certain thyroid conditions is akin to throwing gasoline on a fire.

I have been taught by Dr. Kharriazian. We both treat with evidence based nutrition which means that the treatments that you will receive from me are backed by research, not folklore nutrition.

Also what you need to understand is that you have a chronic condition. Most doctors, nutritionists and other health care providers treat chronic conditions in an acute mind frame which is linear. Take this for this symptom and this for that symptom and do this for this symptom.

As a chronic pain sufferer, you need to be viewed in a more 3D mind frame. You have a web of symptoms that are intertwined with each other. This web needs to be undone to find the root cause or causes.

I am here to tell you that there is NEW HOPE!

If you’re tired of dealing with these symptoms and you are worried about it getting worse, learn how your thyroid condition can be helped.

Call now - (732) 383-5410 for an appointment. Find out what is really causing these symptoms. Most likely your immune system needs to be examined and treated, not your thyroid!

Yours in health,

Dr Philip Agrios
Chronic Pain and Illness Specialist
Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
PS. If you are in another state or country, I can consult with you via phone or SKYPE.

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