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Do you have widespread pain and tenderness over all or most of your body? Is it chronic pain that has lasted more than three months?

Do you have debilitating fatigue?

Do you sleep poorly and wake up feeling worse than before?

Do you have problems with memory, concentration, or headaches, especially migraines?

Do you have abdominal discomfort or pain, urinary urgency, pelvic discomfort, cold or discolored hands and feet?

Do you have other chronic symptoms?


Fibromyalgia is a medically recognized condition, yet many patients complain that their family and friends don’t believe them and accuse them of actually faking the symptoms. They have been called whiners, lazy, good for nothings, complainers, and hypochondriacs. When all they really are, is sick with a real condition.

“I felt like I was a fat, lazy nothing. In my mind, as horrible as it sounds, it would have been easier if I had cancer. Then people would understand and would help me when I needed it. No one is going to help someone who they think is exaggerating pain and fatigue, and is lazy.” Read this and more testimonials…

Fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia syndrome affects the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and surrounding soft tissue structures throughout the body. It has been described as shooting, sharp, gnawing, deep-aching, or radiating pain. I have seen mild to severe cases where just slightly touching the body would cause relentless pain. Anything can aggravate it, from physical trauma and exercise to mental stress such as anxiety, depression, or even the weather.

Unfortunately little has helped, UNTIL NOW!

I have developed a three-pronged approach to treat this condition. And I have had a very high success rate. When people with these symptoms hear about this, what they usually say is…

“After months of my girlfriend nagging me, I finally went to see him. What was he going to do that all those other doctors didn’t? What was his gimmick?”

I assure you there is no gimmick! Just pure scientific treatments that, when properly used, have a tremendous affect on fibromyalgia patients. However, a comprehensive history, examination, and testing must be performed first in order to determine the real cause of your condition.

You weren’t born with all of this pain, so something or some “things” triggered it. Fibromyalgia can be a gradual onset of pain. It can start out with just a little discomfort and work its way to more moderate to severe pain. It can also be sudden due to an automobile accident, sports injury, or some other physical or mentally traumatic event like a death of a loved one… or a violent crime.

Other possibilities can be chemical toxicity, hormonal imbalances, hypo or hyperglycemia, adrenal exhaustion and many, many other conditions that may be missed by your doctor.

  • There is no specific lab test that will diagnose fibromyalgia
  • There is no X-ray, MRI, or CAT scan either
  • Tests are performed to rule out other conditions such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis

This is why I perform an extensive blood test that your doctor may never do!

Have you ever been to a doctor with symptoms and your blood tests came back as normal? The reason for this is that your particular lab values at the time were within the laboratory’s “normal” range. That range, however, is set based on an overly sick population. I use what are called healthy or optimal values. These values are a smaller range within the laboratory’s wide normal ranges.

This way, using my healthy value comparisons, a patient who is having symptoms will show an abnormal test, compared to another doctor using the laboratory’s “normal” ranges. This is why your doctor says you are fine when he or she only bases their opinion on those wide ranges.

With these results, I am better able to see where the body is headed and will not wait to act until the values fall outside in that wide “normal” range. Why not address the issue before it does more damage? For instance, ask a hypothyroid patient how many years she has had symptoms before her blood tests came back outside the range. Usually it is two to three years. Why wait?

However, you can’t just look at the blood!

Not only do I perform this comprehensive blood test, but I also perform urine, saliva, hair and/or stool testing to look at the body all at once since each organ system works holistically with each other and not by itself.

I also look at the gastrointestinal system to see if there is an overgrowth of bacteria, fungus, or parasites. I look for malabsorption problems. How can your body get the proper nutrients if it can’t absorb them?

Your adrenal glands or stress organs are also key. Adrenal exhaustion can put you into an unhealthy spiral that is hard to correct, especially if you don’t even know what the problem actually is.

Thyroid issues, anemia, blood sugar imbalances, brain chemistry imbalances—the list goes on and on—all need to be dealt with in a systematic manner that doesn’t require thousands of dollars worth of testing.

My approach is to only test what is needed at the time and then create a program that is individualized to YOU, which can be totally different from another fibromyalgia patient with similar symptoms. Many organs can create similar symptoms. This is why my comprehensive workup is essential to your recovery.


Health professionals approach fibromyalgia in many different ways, but not necessarily in ways that deal with the whole body. You might have a doctor who does all of the testing that I do. However something is missing. You might have health professionals who just use chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, trigger point injections, herbal remedies, or nutritional remedies. But something is missing!

You are physical, mental and spiritual. When I speak of spiritual I do not mean esoteric or religion but of why you achieve the same results over and over again expecting different outcomes.

The mental and spiritual are two thirds of the program. If the focus is only on the physical and you receive a few physical treatments, then you are not getting all the ingredients necessary to have a great life.


Along with chiropractic, there are many other modalities I may use to treat you. There is oxygen therapy with exercise to increase the oxygen saturation in your body tissues. Instead of symptom based nutrition I use science guided nutrition based on the results of your comprehensive testing results. Muscle treatments may be used to decrease scar tissue and muscle spasms, lymphatic drainage techniques to increase your circulation and drainage, acupressure, brain exercises to balance and strengthen certain parts of the brain and many other techniques are used depending on what your body needs that day. I also use...

Personal coaching! This encompasses the mental and spiritual aspects of you. The mental deals with your direction in life, your perception of your life and its challenges and the roles you play such a parent, spouse, sibling, friend, or employer/employee. If you are spending too much time in one role and not in others, it can create imbalances, mood changes, depression, or anxiety.

The spiritual aspect deals with the rewards. Usually you think of rewards promoting joy and happiness or attracting a great relationship. However, some people reward themselves with sadness and depression. The feeling of being attached to a reward will determine your perceived value of it. You can reward yourself with an ice cream sundae—temporary satisfaction! Later, those rewards may turn into the negative effects of sugar causing inflammation and pain. The same goes for cigarettes, alcohol, and other unhealthy items we consume. Some people reward themselves with massage or meditation or a jog in the park. How are you motivated? How do you reward yourself?


Treating the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your condition all at once with a multitude of techniques, increases the likelihood of success.

Using the past events in your life as a benefit, as a prerequisite to get to the next level is key. You could not have gotten to second grade without finishing first grade. Many people use their life events, whether mildly stressful to the horrific, as boulders to crush them instead of using them as steppingstones to get to their next level of life.

The success of your treatment program depends on whether you are able to get past your roadblocks, whether mentally, physically, or spiritually. This is my job as your doctor and your coach, to help you through this so you do not have to do it on your own. When you realize that the journey is not going to be as bad as you expected and you have my support and guidance along the way, you will have a much higher success rate.


Now that you know what my program is all about, it is decision time. Are you ready to pick up the phone and call me to schedule your 30-minute FREE consultation?

You need more convincing? Then click here to review other patients’ success stories.

Call (732) 383-5410 and begin your journey to success. Find out what is really causing your symptoms and start a treatment program that is different. You and I can be partners in your health.

You are reading this website because you are not currently in control of your health. My job is to help you to regain CONTROL of your life, which will instill HOPE and move you toward GREATER HEALTH. My GOAL for you is to get you out of my office and beyond the need for constant reinforcement of my treatments. I will know I am SUCCESSFUL when you are on your own because you are STRONG enough to do it without me.

So call me at (732) 383-5410 and discover what you can finally do to live the life you were meant to live!

Yours in health,

Dr Philip Agrios
Chronic Pain and Illness Specialist
Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

PS. If you are in another state or country, I can consult with you via phone or SKYPE.

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